This semester has been quite the doozy.  I’m taking more classes than usual this semester.  When registering, I was torn between a class I was dying to take and one I knew would be really useful, so I decided to take both. I’m loving my classes, of course, but I have definitely been very busy and unable to post much here.  Luckily, today marks the first day of my Spring Break, so soon I’ll be able to add all those posts I’ve had brewing, but didn’t have time to finish writing.  Until then, though, I wanted to share a few links I enjoyed recently.

John Green has an excellent argument for why pirating books is different than checking them out from the library.

Pheobe North at YA Highway writes about celebrating the complicated girl in fiction.

One of my classmates this semester wrote a great piece about the queer perspective and librarianship over at Hack Library School.

20SomethingReads recently launched and so far it’s pretty cool.  It’s nice to have a site specifically for a demographic that often gets ignored.  Now if we could just get the publishing world to recognize that niche more often!

FYA has been running a YA March Madness Bracket.  They’re down to the division finals.

Here is a fun collection of complaints scrawled by monks in the margins of illuminated manuscripts.  I love this, since I recently complete my own study of a fascinating illuminated manuscript.

New Yorker John Locke is creating guerrilla pay phone libraries.

“When you least expect it…bears

And, finally, because it’s all anyone can talk about right now (and lord knows I love it, too), some Hunger Games stuff:

In a review that really captures how I felt, YA author Galye Forman explains why the lack of really graphic violence worked and how it feels to watch the movie.

Laura Miller at Slate discusses what the Hunger Games says about fandom and the “cultural clout of young female readers.”

MTV has a list of the 5 best scenes not in the movie.  I wholeheartedly agree with the 3rd and 5th.

Bitch Magazine has a post about the irony of Hunger Games marketing.


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