As I mentioned a few weeks ago, this summer I took a class focusing on libraries and Web 2.0.  For our final project, we split into groups according to the type of library in which we’d like to work and we were instructed to create a proposal and working model of a social media tool we felt would be useful for that type of library. As part of the proposal, we also had to pick a particular use or audience for the tool and justify its use. The public library group I was in chose to create a Tumblr aimed at individuals aged 18-25 (the proposal and model can be seen here and here).

The creation of this project, as well as what I’ve learned in previous tech classes  and my experience using social media for jobs and volunteer work,  inspired the list of topics I’d like to discuss over the next few days.  I’ll be discussing in depth a few aspects that should be considered before jumping into social media.  I am certainly not claiming to be an expert on the subject, but it is one that interests me.  I’d like to share that interest with all of you.  So, in the coming days, look for posts over these topics:

  1. Consider Your Audience and Purpose
  2. Choosing a Platform
  3. Delegating Responsibilities
  4. Creation of the Media
  5. Evaluation and Maintenance


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