The Power of Young Adult Fiction

This one is almost a year old, but I just recently came across it.  The New York Times Room for Debate section included a handful of essays concerning different aspects of young adult fiction.  I don’t agree with every opinion, but they are definitely worth checking out.  Lev Grossman’s essay in particular really captures why I love YA so much.


Why Online Learning is Vital to Improving Education

As a former online student, I really appreciated this look at the benefits online education can have.  There is such a stigma against it, but I really feel like my program had any advantages, including such a focus on technology and advances in the field.


Book Nerd Problems

Snuggly Oranges blog has started a new series about book nerd problems.  They’re so true!  I think every reader has encountered these at some point.


Carl Sagan on the Great Library of Alexandria

This clip from Carl Sagan’s 1980 television series discusses the ancient Library of Alexandria and what it contained.  It’s a great look at such a fascinating period of history.




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