Three Projects Librarians Should be Helping

This post from Hack Library School talks about three great projects that could really benefit libraries and readers., LibriVox, and LibraryBox all offer new ways to access materials and help connect patrons.


Libraries Offer Weird Things to Draw New Borrowers

In an effort to survive in a world that sometimes sees libraries are irrelevant, many are starting to offer new, nontraditional services.  This is a list of some of the more unusual ones.


Legacy Libraries at LibraryThing

This is such a neat project.  LibraryThing users have been curating lists of the books included in the personal libraries of hundreds of famous people. If you’ve ever wondered what books Marie Antoinette, Marilyn Monroe, or F. Scott Fitzgerald owned, now you can browse their libraries.


Sleeping Beauties vs. Gonzo Girls

In this essay, Maria Tatar discusses the ideas of the active female character – that is, the one who is having the adventure – versus the passive female character – the object or “prize” for the male character who is having the adventure.


  Wrapped up in a Book: The Role of Emotional Engagement in Reading

The psychology of reading is something I’ve always found really interesting; in library school I wrote a couple of papers that discussed reading and empathy.  This article talks about two newer studies on the subject.  If anyone ever questions your fiction reading, just point them to studies like these.


And some fun photo lists to enjoy…

  35 Bookplates Belonging To Famous People

  20 Awesome Examples Of Literary Graffiti

20 Embarrassingly Bad Book Covers for Classic Novels

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