Books for Boys and Books for Girls: Problems with Gendered Reading

I’m of two minds on this.  On the one hand, I agree with the author that the assumptions being made about boys are incorrect and harmful.  I’m also typically against separating children’s activities and toys by what is “appropriate” according to gender.  On the other, there has been quite a bit of research done into the who, how, and why concerning reading and the truth is boys do tend to read less, enjoy it less, and fall behind in reading skills.  If framing books in a certain way encourages boys to read, then so be it.  A good librarian or teacher knows that certain readers will only look at certain types of books.  There are reading lists for all interests, age groups, ethnicity, sexualities, and yes, even gender.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it encourages reading.

Conan Doyle Estate Is Horrified That The Public Domain Might Create ‘Multiple Personalities’ Of Sherlock Holmes

I really can’t say it much better than the author of this piece did.  Honestly, though, have they not seen the 3 (fairly major) different versions on film and tv just in the last year or so?

Censorship and Invisibility: A Boomer Perspective

This is an excellent piece on one of the many reasons Banned Book Week is so important.

Freedom to Read Under Fire as Attempts to Ban Books Continue

Speaking of Banned Books Week: “Banned Books Week serves as an opportunity to remind all of us that the freedom to choose books for ourselves and our family is a right, not a privilege.”

Oh My God, There’s A Cat In Russia That Wears A Bow Tie And Works As A Librarian

If ever you’re having a bad day, just remember this cat.


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