In January, I posted a list of reading resolutions for 2013.  So, how did I do?  Unfortunately, not so great.  I’ll blame this on starting a new job, which is a pretty great excuse to have.

Read 100 books
I didn’t even come close to this.  I finished out the year at 39 books, which is the lowest number of books I’ve read in about 8 years.

Review more books
I did actually manage to review more books than usual – 13 this year as opposed to 2 last year.  I was pretty short of my goal to review 3 a month, though.

Make my own must reads for 20-somethings list

Find books outside my usual interests
I’ve worked on this a little, especially when I opened the blog up to review requests.

Read the books I own but haven’t read
I made a dent, but it doesn’t help that I keep buying books.


Check back tomorrow for me 2014 resolution list!

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