Here are my reading resolutions for 2014:

Read 100 books
I failed miserably last year, but I’m going to jump back in with this again.

Post more reviews and book lists
Here’s another I’m going to try again, but I’m changing it up a little.  Each month I want to post at least 1 book review, 1 movie review, and 1 book list.

Read more non-fiction
I used to love reading non-fiction as a kid, but I stopped doing it as much somewhere around college.  Maybe it was all the required reading.  Who knows?  In any case, the older I get, the more narrow I find my reading.  I’d like to start expanding it out again, including finding more non-fiction and memoirs to enjoy.  I want at least 2 books I read each month to be non-fiction.

Read more adult books
I read a lot of YA. As I’ve written before, I love YA, probably more now than I did as a teen.  However, I really miss reading the adult books I used to love back then and discovering the new authors now.  I want at least half the books I read to be from the adult section.


What about you?  Do you have any reading resolutions?