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Reap & Repent Review at Quintessentially BookishRelease Date: March 3rd 2014
Publisher: Harlequin
Series: The Reapers (#1)

From the book jacket:

They see death. Can they share a life?

Ruth Scott can read the energy of every person she meets. Then she meets Deacon Walker. She can see his ice-blue eyes, his black hair, and his gorgeous face. But this beautiful stranger has no aura.

Deacon is just as unsettled by Ruth—and, having spent more than two hundred years ushering souls to Purgatory , Deacon is seldom shocked by anything. As he helps Ruth to understand her true nature, she awakens desires that he decided long ago a Reaper can’t afford.

A demon invasion forces Deacon to confront the darkness in his own past even as he fights to save the human souls he’s charged to protect. When he’s taken captive, his first concern is for Ruth. But Ruth just might be able to save herself—and the Reaper she can’t live without—if she can learn to wield her newfound powers.

Overall Thoughts:

This is definitely a fun (and sexy) read.   I found myself immediately sucked in to the story.  It’s entertaining without relying too heavily on paranormal romance tropes.  It works fairly well as a stand-alone book, but is strengthened by its placement in a series due t0o a few characters and situations that weren’t fully realized.   I’m certainly looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series!


Deacon is smoldering, as a good romantic hero should be.  However, unlike so many paranormal romances , he isn’t overly broody and macho.  He has the dark past, but he doesn’t dwell on it or use it as an excuse to push Ruth away.  While he’s protective, he isn’t domineering.  Ruth is no wilting flower, herself.  She might be naive in many ways canada goose down vests on sale canada goose authentic hologram, but she’s capable and as much a hero as Deacon.  It’s refreshing to see this dynamic in a romance.


Medley is from the same area that I am and the way she wrote the town of Meridian is so very familiar.  It’s not often you see romances of any kind set in the Midwest.  I definitely enjoyed that.  Her world creation isn’t overly descriptive, I could have used a little more detail in certain sections, but it was sufficient to paint a clear picture of the location.

Writing Style:

Her writing simple and straightforward in construction.  She thankfully doesn’t fall back on euphemisms or overly flowery language.  The words are there to convey the action, rather than as a stylized choice.  It works well with the subject.   There are some issues with foreshadowing that could have been better handled, but in all its a smooth, enjoyable read.


The way reapers handle food is hilarious.  I’m definitely jealous!

Favorite Line:

“Most people said they didn’t believe in the supernatural, but if they believed in God, they should at least believe in the possibility of everything else.”

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. All opinions here are my own.

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