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On Hiatus

As you have probably noticed, I haven’t posted in many months. There are many reasons for this and it looks like those reasons probably won’t be changing in the near future. I would like to come back to this some day, but until then there are a couple of different places you can find me if you want to talk about books.

I’ve been using this more and more often to share book review, quotes, and pictures. Come follow me!

Goodreads must fulfill some kind of need in me because I use it constantly. I love new friends on there.  Add me as a friend!

New job!

I’ve gotten a bit behind in my posting lately because I started a new job this week!  I’m the new PR Specialist for a local library system.  It’s a lot to take in, but so far I’m really happy with the position, the people working there, and the library.  I’m still getting to know the library system, but I’m excited to jump in and start really working on ways to streamline some of the current procedures to make things easier for the branches and come up with new ideas for helping promote the library.

So, the new job (and adjusting to just working again in general) has me pretty busy right now, but I do have some posts planned for the near future.  I have a book review and a movie review planned to post in the next couple of days.  Over the next few weeks I have a few more reviews, a summer reads list, and some library features I’ll be posting.  I’ll probably start writing more about marketing, PR, and advocacy in the library field, too, as I do more research into the trends and ideas that will help me in my new position.

Guest Post at Call Her Happy

I had the awesome opportunity to write a guest post for the blog Call Her Happy. I’m really excited about my first guest blogging experience and glad that Jenna made it such a great one.  So, head over to Call Her Happy to check out my post  8 Great Young Adult Novels That Adults Will Love Too.   While you’re there, give her blog a read, too.  She posts on a bunch of topics, including book reviews.

Requesting a Book Review

Since I have recently been receiving several requests from individuals requesting that i review their books, I decided to implement some review request guidelines.  These guidelines can be found here.   If you have a book you’d like reviewed, I’d love to check it out.