I don’t usually post many personal things on this blog, nor do I try to spend much time advertising my etsy site, but I’m going to do both today in order to help out my family.

Over the summer, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law hosted a teenage boy from an Eastern European country.  Due to  regulations with the country and agencies, I can’t go into more detail about which country.  However, in this particular country, during the summer, orphanages shut down.  The government pays to send them to “camps” where only their most basic of needs are met.  The organization through which my family hosted this boy tries to pair the school aged children with families around the world who will care for them and show them what it’s like to have a loving family, rather than being sent to these camps.  These are children in the system who are the least likely to ever be adopted due to their ages.  They’ll stay in the system until they come of age (at a much younger age than in the US) and then be put in whatever trade school the orphanage chooses for them.  The trade school dorms are often violent and dangerous.  After aging out of the system, these children have a pretty grim future.  According to the statistics I’ve seen, only 25% will end up with stable employment.  Roughly 2/3 of the girls will end up in prostitution.  Approximately 2/3 of the boys will end up turning to crime.  1 in 6 of all the children end up committing suicide.

Now is the part where I ask for help.  After hosting this boy, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law fell in love with him.  He became a part of the family, a real son to them.  They’re now trying to adopt him permanently.  Adoption is something very close to my heart, as I was adopted.  I was lucky enough to get a wonderful family when I was only a few weeks old.  This boy wasn’t that lucky. He’s spent most of his life in the orphanage, but he’s finally found his family. However, they have a large sum of money to raise to do this and only a few months to do it before he ages out.

To help with that cost, I’m hosting a fundraiser for them through my etsy site. I’ve created some special prints to sell. All proceeds from the sale of these prints will go towards their adoption costs. Additionally for the month of September the money from ALL items in my store will go to them. This includes custom work.

So, please, check out the items and help them bring their son home.

To view the prints, click this link or click on the etsy mini below and look at the Adoption Fundraiser section. More items are coming soon.