My Other Sites

One of my favorite things about the graduate program I attended is how quickly they embrace and encourage technology and platforms in the classes.  Many of my classes’ assignments were projects that included creating a blog or wiki for the class.  The links on this page are those sites, with a brief description of each.


Reading YA

My Materials for Young Adults final project was to make a database of 50 items (books, movies, games, etc.) for young adults.  Each item was to be discussed using as many of the 11 potential categories as applicable, including critical evaluation, curriculum ties, booktalking ideas, and challenge issues.  I really enjoyed this project and I’m proud of how it turned out.


Projects Blog

Many of my classes required a blog with posts pertaining to the specifics of the class. Though each class required a separate blog, at the end of the semester I uploaded those posts to this blog. All posts can be read here, organized by class.



I also have a LibGuides account where I have created guides both for assignments and of my own initiative.