Request a Review

**Review requests are now back open**

If you are an author or working with an author and would like to request that I review your book, I would be happy to consider it.  However, I do have a few guidelines.

  1. I accept books that are already published (both print and ebook) and ARCs.
  2. My reviews will be honest and based on my opinion of the book.   An agreement to review your book does not guarantee that I will have a positive opinion of it.  I have a responsibility to my readers to give my true thoughts and that includes any negative comments I might have.
  3. Though I am open to most genres, I am selective with the books I will read and review.  If I don’t feel like the book is for me, I will respond and let you know.
  4. When sending a review request, please include the author, title, publication date (if not already published), genre, and a short summary.
  5. Requested reviews will include a note mentioning that I received the book in exchange for a review.
  6. Reviews will include the cover image, summary, discussion of the setting, characters, writing style, and overall thoughts, and a link to the book on Goodreads.  I can also link to your website, if you would like.
  7. Typical review turnaround will depend on the length, content, and my current workload.  I will respond to your request with an estimated time frame in which I can review the book.
  8. All content on this site is owned by me.  If you would like to re-post any part of my review, you must credit it back to me and include a link to the original post.

If you would like to accept these guidelines and request a review, please use this contact form.